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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Statement of the African National Congress Youth League on preparations towards commemorative events in honour of its former Secretary General, Cde Sindiso Magaqa

11 September 2017

The African National Congress Youth League is in mourning.

Last week, young people across the country received with shock the news of the passing away of the former Secretary General of the African National Congress Youth League, Comrade Sindiso Magaqa..

Comrade Magaqa was an outstanding, militant and fearless revolutionary. He lived and gave of his life to the African National Congress - committed and faithful to its ideals of robust engagement and justice.

He understood, as we do, that in an open democracy like ours and indeed in our organisation, the ANC, political differences or disputes can never be resolved through the barrel of a gun but rather through superior logic which should always prevail in political engagements.

The killing therefore of such a revolutionary is senseless, heartless, brutal and has no place in our movement and amongst those who profess to be comrades of this glorious organization.

Comrade Magaqa`s killers must not rest until they are behind bars. We remain extremely worried about the emergent killing of political leaders in KwaZulu-Natal and across the country in general.

Law enforcement agencies must leave no stone unturned in the quest to find these criminals and others responsible for the rampant assassinations of comrades.

The ANC Youth League calls upon all its members and structures in KwaZulu-Natal, and anywhere else where they are killing our people, to rise against this impunity.

Young people must and shall be mobilized to defend our comrades and defend our movement.

Gun-toting criminals who see our political leadership as a killing field must be exposed and flushed out.

This is a new struggle for this generation of cadres. A struggle against impunity, divisions and disunity.

The African National Congress remains the only reliable instrument in the hands of the people of South Africa for a better life. It is incumbent on us, the youth, to ensure it is constantly sharpened, and where it strays, it is centered and rooted amongst the people.

The ANC Youth League has further noted some unfortunate and extremely distasteful remarks made by those who seek to gain cheap political points on the back of Cde Sindiso Magaqa`s passing.

They have used what should be a very solemn occasion to seek relevance and cast doubt on Cde Magaqa`s unflinching loyalty to the ANC.

Such behavior must be condemned with the contempt that it deserves.

It is an anti-thesis of the moral code we, as a people, should subscribe to and serves no purpose except political posturing by an erstwhile comrade at the expense of Comrade Magaqa who is no position to respond.

Comrade Magaqa`s passing must and shall serve to assist us transcend superficial differences of political affiliation.

To this end, the ANC Youth League, working with the family of Comrade Magaqa, will continue to extend a hand of collaboration to those who worked with our fallen fighter to ensure that, as we pay homage to him we do so in a manner that befitting his gallant contributions to the struggles of South African people, rather than tarnishes them.

We will ensure that all those who wish to pay respect to Comrade Magaqa, beyond petty political differences, are afforded an opportunity to do so. We do this believing that they too will resist the temptation to use such platforms for unsavory tendencies.

Until his very last day, Comrade Magaqa remained loyal to the struggle of his generation and the cause of his people. We, who knew him, and remained close to him until the very end, will attest to this fact.

Comrade Magaqa fearlessly worked for the unity of the organization. We must be inspired to emulate his example and foster unity within the movement. We must discard our preoccupation with our internal challenges and work with the people to resolve their problems of landlessness, poverty, inequality and unemployment.

The African National Congress Youth League is committed to the realization of this vision, in honor of Comrade Magaqa and many of our other fallen combatants who lost their lives in these killings.

The generational mission of "Economic Freedom in our Lifetime" that Comrade Magaqa and his comrades pursued remains unfulfilled.

Thus we are calling on ANC Youth League structures to use the commemorative events in honor of Comrade Magaqa to critically engage to advance our cause for economic freedom in our lifetime.

As this generation, we are a continuing consequence of the ideals of the struggles of our people and the ideas of young people. It is our fight, to which we remain committed, and to drive to its logical conclusion.

Comrade Magaqa`s family, the ANC Youth League, the 23rd and 24th NEC collectives - effectively the last youth leadership collectives Comrade Magaqa worked - have joined efforts with the leadership of the ANC to give Comrade Magaqa a befitting farewell through, amongst others, the following commemorative events: -

ANC Youth League Memorial Service
Date: Wednesday, 13th September 2017
Time: 15h30
Venue: University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus

KwaZulu-Natal ANC Provincial Memorial Service
Date: Thursday, 14 September 2017
Time: 10h00
Venue: eBhisa Sports Field, Umzimkhulu, KwaZulu-Natal

Funeral Service
Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017
Venue: eBhisa Sports Field, Umzimkhulu, KwaZulu-Natal

All services to be addressed by Cde Magaqa`s family, church, community, leaders of the ANC led Alliance and other comrades and friends he interacted with during his rich and revolutionary life.

Comrade Magaqa`s death has robbed us and the entire Mass Democratic Movement of a dedicated and selfless cadre of our movement, who always put first the interest of our people ahead of his own.

He was well known for his art of mobilization, his constant and consistent engagement with the masses of our people and more importantly his uncompromising militancy and radicalism in the advance of the National Democratic Revolution.

For all his sacrifices and activism to the end, we dip our revolutionary banner in his honour as we continue to pick up his spear to continue the fight for economic freedom in our lifetime.

To Comrade Magaqa`s murderers we say, his death will not go unchallenged, we will revenge. Criminals must know that Le pele dinale baji (danger awaits them wherever they go).

We will revenge his death by making sure that we continue with the ideals that he stood for, which are mainly represented by the seven cardinal pillars which were adopted at the 24th National Congress of the ANC YL under his leadership.

These pillars include amongst others the expropriation of land without compensation, the nationalisation of mines and other strategic parts of our economy as well as massive investment in our education system in the quest of achieving free and compulsory education up to under graduate level.


Issued by
Njabulo Nzuza
Secretary General
African National Congress Youth League Enquiries
Enquiries: Mlondi Mkhize 073 011 4676