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ANC Youth League demands ANC Intervention in Government failure to act against Apartheid Israel

11 August 2014

Following the overwhelming show of support for the Palestinian cause which the largest march in South Africa`s history on Saturday 9th August displayed, the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE is demanding that our motherbody, the ruling party of South Africa force our government to embark on the following initiatives with immediate effect: | Read More |

ANC Youth League welcomes show of humility by Pallo Jordan

11 August 2014

The ANC Youth League welcomes the show of humility by Zweledinga Pallo Jordan. He remains our comrade. Our teacher and our mentor, regardless of his human defects. As the ANC Youth League, we have always took his contribution to any and all discussions seriously and we shall continue to do so. | Read More |

The ANC Youth League condemns ill-discipline and un-informed militancy

31 July 2014

The ANC Youth League condemns the counter revolutionary mannerisms that the organisers of the recent marches have let loose on their members and supporters. We remind everyone who plans to organise a march to remember that there is a responsibility that goes with a right to express the demands or grievances. Property and people`s lives should be protected and safeguarded at all times. | Read More |

The ANC Youth League to step up its efforts until Government isolates Apartheid Israel

30 July 2014

The ANCYL is not discouraged or deterred in its unapologetic stance that our government must withdraw our ambassador to Israel and expel the Israeli ambassador to South Africa. We believe these moves would be necessary and decisive steps towards isolating the Apartheid state of Israel. | Read More |