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The ANCYL is not surprised by yet another manifestation of racism, this time within the judiciary

09 May 2016

The comments attributed to the High Court Judge Mabel Jansen are just a tip of the iceberg of deep racial prejudice that continues to linger, after 22 years of democracy, among some in society of which the judiciary is not immune. | Read More |

ANCYL Statement on burning of schools in Vhuwani

06 May 2016

The ANCYL is saddened and disappointed by the destruction of the futures of children of Vhuwani through the burning of the schools. No amount of grievance about the presence can justify the destruction of the future. | Read More |

ANCYL Statement on Bargaining Councils Court Judgement

06 May 2016

The ANCYL welcomes the North Gauteng High Court Judgement on Free Market Foundation vs The Minister of Labour and Others, where the FMF was trying to reverse the gains of the workers by asking the court to rule Bargaining Councils unconstitutional. | Read More |

ANC Youth League Press Statement

04 May 2016

The ANC Youth League would like to congratulate COSATU on the successful hosting of their May Day rallies held through out the country. The Congress of South African Trade Unions remains the only home and true champion of workers' struggles with an undisputed track record. | Read More |