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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANCYL tribute on the passing of its Fomer Secretary General Comrade Sindiso Magaqa

5 September 2017

A Leader, a Revolutionary, a Dedicated and loyal cadre of the movement is no more. A feeling of great despair has swept the Youth Movement throughout the country. The Young Lion of UMzimkhulu roars no more. The cries are unbearable, because our bright future has been stolen from us, a shining beacon of hope has been taken away from us [at] with a barrel of a gun. Our hearts are heavy and filled with great anger against the ruthless gun men who took away our shining light and moral compass.

Cadre, you were a true soldier in the fight for Economic Freedom in our lifetime. Your contributions are found in the intellectual architecture of our struggle for Economic Freedom in our lifetime. Magaqa ubuyi liJoni that never retreated in battle and against great adversity. Cadre you committed and stayed true to the economic liberation Agenda of young people because you understood that without economic freedom, our youth would never be liberated from the bondages of unemployment and poverty. Cadre, you waged a relentless struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime because you understood that our land is our wealth.

Young Lion of UMzimkhulu you taught us what it means to be true volunteers of the movement and how to serve it with loyalty. You reminded us that when you join the movement you do so voluntarily without expectation of any material gain. You led at the highest level of the movement yet you went back and continued to serve the movement in its most basic units and you did so without fail and with great passion, humility, discipline and dedication.

Born in May 1983 in UMzimkhulu the struggle has been your life. You started your revolutionary activism at a young age when you led COSAS in Ibiza Secondary School. Cadre you led the Youth League with distinction, having been the first chairperson of the ANC Youth League in Harry Gwala Region, a region you led for three terms as its Regional Chairperson. The commitment you gave to the organization graduated you to lead the Youth League in Kwazulu Natal as its Provincial Deputy Chairperson.

Cadre you showed great diligence when you led the ANC Youth League as its Secretary General and as a member of the ANC National Executive Committee. You were the kind of a comrade who understood when you have done wrong and subjected yourself to the discipline of the movement, indeed you were a rare breed of our glorious movement.

In this great time of difficulty, we must never forget that you were a product of struggle, you were a reflection of your upbringing and we salute your family for producing a loyal and dedicated cadre of the movement. We send our condolences to the family that made you a great cadre of our glorious movement. You were a dedicated responsible parent. We know deep in our hearts that the love you gave the movement is the love you gave to your family.

Cadre we commit to dedicate all our energies, strength and abilities to bring the gun slinging hooligans of this terrible deed to justice. In your honor, the brutal killing of our youth leaders and leaders of the movement must come to an end, enough is enough. The taking of lives through the barrel of a gun must come to an end. The perpetrators of these despicable acts must be brought to justice in your honor.

Cadre this week we will celebrate our 73rd Anniversary since the formation of the ANCYL. It was the intention of the NEC to use the occasion to remember the first President of the ANCYL who, in closing the first ever conference of the ANCYL in 1994 declared "Freedom in our Lifetime", as we pursue the second phase of the radical transition, we will also use this opportunity, on Sunday the 10th of September 2017 to honor your life Cadre Sindiso Magaqa because you represented a generation that called for Economic Freedom in our lifetime because like you our former SG we understand that, freedom without the transfer of the economy to the majority of our people remains meaningless.

Guided by the provisions of the Freedom Charter, it is with this resolve and determination, and in your honor, that we will continue to wage the struggle for a people driven project of radical economic transformation to emancipate the South African economy from the hands of a few white families in favour of our people in marginalized households and communities who continue to slave away in service of White Monopoly Capital.

Today we pay tribute to Sindiso Magaqa a true cadre of our glorious movement inspired by your actions in this decade of the cadre. Today we pay tribute to a cadre who displayed fearless and unflinching loyalty to the organization. Go well Comrade Sindiso. You have left an indelible mark both to your organization and society that you selflessly served.