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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Statement of the ANCYL on Derek comments which are unfortunate.

1 May 2017

The ANCYL has noted the unfortunate comments made by comrade Derek Hanekom on Thursday. The ANCYL had hoped that the ANC leadership was going to deal with this matter promptly, but thus far the ANC leadership seems to have turned a blind eye to this matter. As the ANCYL we call on the ANC leadership not be tempted to let comrade Derek off the hook. It is important that we all remain disciplined in the organization. We are extremely worried because comrade Derek is an NEC member of the ANC and Head of the National Disciplinary Committee. For a person who has such responsibilities he should have known better.

The ANCYL calls on the ANC leadership to quickly call comrade Derek to order. It cannot be normal that an NEC member of the ANC can say, "He is not sure whether he will vote for the ANC in 2019". Comrade Derek`s comment suggests that his vote for the ANC is dependent on who emerges as the ANC leadership in the elective conference this year in December. Secondly comrade Derek`s comments suggest that the ANC is less important than the individuals leading it. We strongly condemn this idea of comrade Derek. There can never be an excuse for such a comment. We call on the ANC leadership to demand a immediate public apology, or comrade Derek must resign from the NDC and NEC. As the ANCYL we are worried that comrade Derek`s comments are going to inculcate wrong ideas in the organization and the movement at large. Furthermore we are concerned his comments will create an impression that those that appear before him in the NDC who he thinks and deem to be on his side of thought for December, must not be treated impartially.

Comrade Derek`s comments imply in our view that if a person he wishes to see as the President does not emerge, he will actually leave the ANC. We know no President in the ANC that has ever developed policy, we understand that all Presidents of the ANC and the NEC collective must implement decisions of the structures of the ANC. His comments reflect what we have always fought against as the ANCYL, where members of the ANC are members of individuals rather than the ANC. Secondly, comrade Derek passes such comments after his removal from the cabinet. To us in the ANCYL it passes a message that he is aggrieved by his removal from cabinet. As the ANCYL we have always held a view - informed by organizational principles and teaching - that deployment is not an entitlement but rather a service you give to the country to advance ANC policy of building a better life for all.

We cannot accept comments that affirm careerism in the movement. Comrade Derek`s comments must be fought. If such shallow and narrow thinking engulfs people who are sitting in the highest decision making body of the ANC, how can we expect the liberation movement to function properly? We cannot and we will not keep quite when leaders make such statements. It must be born in mind for any leader that positions in our movement, just like in society, are not permanent they come and go. We wish to remind comrade Derek that the declaration contained in the membership form of the ANC is extremely implicant to any leader or member. We wish to remind comrade Derek that the declaration reads as follows:

"I solemnly declare that I will abide by the aims and objectives of the African National Congress as set out in the Constitution, the Freedom Charter and other duly adopted policy positions, that I am joining the organisation voluntarily and without motives of material advantage or personal gain, that I agree to respect the Constitution and the structures and to work as a loyal member of the organisation, that I will place my energies and skills at the disposal of the organisation and carry out tasks given to me, that I will work towards making the ANC an even more effective instrument of liberation in the hands of the people, and that I will defend the unity and integrity of the organisation and its principles, and combat any tendency towards disruption and factionalism".

Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth League