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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANC Youth League statement on Eskom CEO and Minister of Finance

28 March 2017

The ANC Youth League has taken note of the reports surrounding the Acting CEO of Eskom whose step daughter has been benefitting from contracts of up to a Billion Rands which were awarded by departments he was managing before he even became the Acting C.E.O.

The ANCYL finds it strange that the Acting CEO of Eskom Mr. Matshela Mokoko pleads ignorance that his own daughter, whom he lives with under the same roof, is involved in business with ESKOM. The ANC Youth League is convinced that the Acting CEO of Eskom is not telling the truth and we are convinced that there exists a conflict of interest between the Acting CEO and his step daughter who is now a millionaire due to Eskom projects.

The ANC Youth League calls for broad scale investigation into top officials in departments and parastatals who continue to benefit their families and loved ones with state money. The Youth League will now track and hunt down officials who abuse state resources and report them and follow up with relevant authorities. These actions are conducted by officials because the blame is often placed on politicians. Eskom has been showing good signs of improvement under the previous CEO and has shown sustained profit. It comes as a disappointment to know that within its midst we have people like Matshela Mokoko who enrich their families and themselves at the expense of good corporate governance. We are calling for Mr. Matshela Koko to resign effective and immediately, there is no need for any Board Investigations where there is even no denial of the transactions having taken place.

The ANC Youth League has also taken note of yet another unnecessary panic by the so-called currency markets, which we have come to know and appreciate that it is not free of abuse and corruption as it is manipulated. A recent report (which has been shelved by mainstream media) tells us that forex traders and major banks have the power to collude and devaluate the Rand as they please. The ANCYL would like to issue a stern warning that it will continue its campaign against those who are involved in corrupt activities of devaluing the Rand and there will be consequences. We reiterate our stance that President Zuma must be given space to operate as per the constitution of the Republic which gives him the powers to appoint, direct and remove Ministers and the country should never be held at ransom.

We believe that the Minister of Finance, like any other Minister, should implement ANC policy at Treasury and not become a law unto himself. Taking unauthorized trips and advancing his own "fiscal policy" that ignores the aspirations of our people as per the ANC manifesto can no longer be left unchallenged. Pravin Gordhan continues to operate as a law unto himself and behaves as though he is the Prime Minister of this country, he continues to be buoyed by the currency market which has been exposed to be corrupted by profit driven interests who harbor political agendas.

We call on President Zuma to exercise full control over his cabinet, he has full support of the ANC Youth League. President Zuma has a right to appoint whoever he sees fit to any position and no Ministry should enjoy special status, there is a vacancy in the Ministry of Trade and Industry with the departure of the former Deputy Minister Cde Mzwandile Masina, this necessitates a cabinet reshuffle which amongst other things must replace Cde Masina.

A full assessment of all departments should unfold and the President must strengthen the capacity of other departments to implement their programs in full. The ANCYL re-iterates that we must remember that all ministers serve at the pleasure of the president and there should be no panic in the country a cabinet reshuffle which can only be done by the president it is part of normal government operations and should not be treated as an abnormality.

Njabulo Nzuza
078 347 6022