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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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National Executive Committee Statement NEC held on the 04 - 06th of February 2017


The ANCYL NEC meeting met for the first time in the year 2017 on 04-06 February following a number of activities that had occurred in the movement`s political calendar. The ANCYL NEC met after the ANC had hosted a successful January 8th statement to celebrate 105 years of the ANC, which has set the tone for the implementation of the radical economic transformation agenda. This year`s January 8th was hosted under the backdrop that this year is the 100-year celebration of OR Tambo. This is significant for the ANC and the ANCYL that the the first Secretary General of the Youth League and the longest serving president of the ANC would have turned 100 this year. The theme of the January 8th Statement "Unity in Action" is a call to all members of the ANC to emulate Tambo by uniting the ANC. The year 2017 is declared the Year of Oliver Reginald Tambo a cadre who led the ANC during the most difficult of times yet continued to keep it united and kept it as a sharp instrument of national liberation.

The ANCYL notes that the year 2017 also marks the 30th anniversary of The South African Youth Congress (SAYCO), a youth organization that played a huge role in making the apartheid South Africa ungovernable as per the call made by O.R Tambo. The ANCYL will roll out a program to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SAYCO, by also commemorating leaders like Peter Mokaba. The program is also aimed at deepening political consciousness for the Youth in General. The ANCYL will host a mass memorial lecture on the life and times of O.R Tambo. It is our wish and plan to have the lecture addressed by President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

The ANCYL NEC took stock on developments in the country and reflected in order to find solutions to many matters affecting the youth of South Africa and society in general. The ANCYL reaffirms the implementation of the Freedom Charter as a critical instrument for meaningful change in the lives of the Youth of South Africa, and society in general. The ANCYL firmly believes that leadership traits that seek to divert the ANC from the Freedom Charter should be isolated in the ANC. The ANCYL will not stagger in dealing and isolating those who continue to pursue and champion imperialist policies that seek to undermine our future.

The NEC further resolved that the Freedom Charter ought to be respected and honored when it urges that;

"The mineral wealth beneath the soil, the Banks and monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole. All other industry and trade shall be controlled to assist the wellbeing of the people. All people shall have equal rights to trade where they choose, to manufacture and to enter all trades, crafts and professions."

The ANCYL notes that the people do not own the mineral wealth of the country. The mineral wealth of the country is owned by a few, most often foreign listed, companies that extract our mineral wealth and beneficiate it in foreign lands. This, in return, leaves our people jobless as international companies create value chains that are outside of this country and use our minerals to open manufacturing plants in foreign countries thus creating jobs in foreign countries, using our own minerals, leaving South Africans, the youth in particular, without prospects of jobs.

The ANCYL believes that the state mining company must not be a shelf company that only exists in paper. The state mining company must now have proper mining projects and operations that creates a value chain of beneficiation in order to create manufacturing plants for job creation. The state can no longer operate mainly as an issuer of mining licenses only, but must now play an active role in ensuring that the mineral wealth of the country benefits citizens of South Africa and the youth in particular.

It is the view of the ANCYL that before the end of the current calendar year, legislation allowing for the establishment of the State Bank should be finalized. The post bank should as such be converted to operate as a state bank and the primary banker of government. The State Bank will be utilized as a critical instrument to drive Development and Youth Entrepreneurship. The recent scandals of criminality in the financial sector proves that the financial sector in the country is not patriotic and has an agenda to collapse our economy and sabotage government. The recent developments in the financial sector calls for the following action to be taken;

Speedily recover all monies owed by banks resulting from apartheid bailouts from all affected banks, the money recovered must be used to fund free education and Youth Development.

  • Fine all banks involved in collusion that resulted in the collapse of the rand. The money recovered from fines must be used to support Youth Entrepreneurship. The 10% must be considered for increase to 18% on forex trading related revenue, considering they collapsed the rand to nearly R18.00 to US dollar ($1.00).
  • Review and withdraw the banking license of ABSA as a repeat offender.
  • Government must withdraw all its funds kept with ABSA and use the State Bank as a primary banker of government starting with the payment of Social Grants.
  • Immediately initiate and conclude measures that will abolish private ownership of the reserve bank by March 2018
  • Moody`s must no longer be invited to do any form of rating for South Africa, as they have been proven to be susceptible to corruption for which they recently paid a fine.
  • There must be restructuring of treasury administration and management starting with the re-deployment of comrade Pravin Gordhan.

The ANCYL would like to thank the Thousands of young people who heeded the call for the National Day of Action against ABSA. The NDA (National Day of Action) proved beyond reasonable doubt that the ANCYL remains the only gigantic youth organization in the country and it will continue its fight for issues affecting young people with the passion they deserve.

The ANCYL NEC reflected on the issue of Higher Education and Training. The ANCYL notes that great strides have been made by the ANC led government to open access to education. This however is not enough as the ultimate objective is the attainment and realization of free and quality education for the poor. The ANCYL notes and supports research that free education for the poor is possible in the 2017 calendar year for first year students with parents with an income below R 370 000.00.

The research document which is in possession of the Department of Higher Education and Training, estimates that it will cost government between R6 Billion and R 7 Billion to fund free education for the poor. If provision of this funding is made it will also release portions of NSFAS to fund more students. This should be the first step towards the broad roll out of free and quality education for the poor. The ANCYL is disturbed and will vehemently fight tooth and nail against the intentions of the Department of Higher Education to commercialize the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. It is our firm view that this will reverse our gains and strides made towards the attainment of free education.

The ANCYL notes with great dismay and sadness the tragic incidences surrounding the Life eSidimeni issue, which has resulted into the loss of precious life. The ANCYL will continue to pursue an agenda to hold those responsible accountable. Maximum punishment must be handed down against those responsible. The loss of life cannot be taken lightly and culprits and all those who were involved must be punished heavily.

The ANCYL is greatly concerned by efforts to bring instability in the Security Cluster. These attempts started through attempts to discredit the Minister of State Security through lies, gossip and unfounded rumors. They have now taken a turn to discredit management in the security cluster. The state has a responsibility to bring stability in the security cluster. It must never allow self appointed investigators like Paul O`Sullivan who operate as Pseudo state investigators to bring the security cluster into disrepute.

The ANCYL is greatly worried about the implementation of the concept of private prosecutions which gives those with money a chance to privately prosecute. It is the view of the ANCYL that the issue of private prosecutions will now commercialize justice and favor those with money who in majority are white and rich. The issue of private prosecutions is also an attempt to privatize and bring into disrepute public prosecution system.

The ANCYL welcomes the State of the Nation Address delivered by the President of the Republic President JG Zuma. It is the view of the ANCYL that the State of the Nation Address gives hope of a better future for South Africans and Youth in particular. The ANCYL notes the continued barbaric acts that continue to be shown by the EFF in parliament. The Youth League holds a view that there must be breathalyzer tests done in parliament as EFF members seem to confuse parliament with a sheebeen. The parliament can not continue to be held at ransom by delinquent`s who defend white capital with passion and have nothing to contribute except cause disorder and anarchy.

The ANCYL is disappointed with the acceptance of Morocco back to the African Union. The ANCYL views this as a setback towards a call for total liberation of African countries. The liberation movements seem to have betrayed the people of Western Sahara. We call for the review of this decision and call on South African Goverment to engage other heads of state for the review of this decision. Our strong ties and solidarity with people of Western Sahara must now be stronger than ever.

The ANCYL would like for all South Africans to be safe with the reported Tropical Storm or cyclone "Dineo" set to hit South Africa. We note that weather reports indicate that the storm might not be as fierce as it has been in other parts. We however plead with all South Africans to exercise maximum caution and remain informed about the storm in order to take safety measures.


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