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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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NWC Statement

25 January 2017

The African National Congress Youth League notes that 2017 is a critical year for the ANC. The ANC Youth League is crystal clear on their role to ensure that the policy conference of the ANC adopts policies that secure a brighter future for the youth of this country. The ANCYL has noted great excitement building up to the 2017 ANC 54th National Conference, with some senior leaders declaring their availability prior to even being nominated. This kind of conduct is foreign to the movement; leaders are expected to confirm availability after they have been nominated by branches. The Youth League calls on comrades especially senior leaders, to desist from launching lobby groups to advance their nominations and publicly confirming their availability on the media having not even been nominated by a single branch. The power to nominate and elect leadership is fully rested with the branches who will form 90% of conference.

We have also noted the temptation and eagerness by some alliance partner to pronounce their preferences on who should lead the ANC. The ANC has never interfered on how they elect their leadership and as such they must not attempt to interfere with the processes of the ANC. The alliance is a strategic collaboration born out of struggle to build a better life for our people and not leadership preferences. The alliance is meant to function as a critical instrument in the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution not leadership preferences.

The ANC Youth League will not be pressured to pronounce on names of preferred leaders for the ANC. The ANC Youth League believes that in such a critical year which we have termed the 1948 moment of our generation, the ANC Youth League is prioritizing principles of leadership over names of leaders. The ANC will support comrades who will prioritise the program of radical economic transformation not in theory but in practice. The ANCYL will support leaders who will be committed towards the advancement of Free Quality Education for the poor.

The ANC Youth League will only support leaders who will advance the establishment and functionality of the State Bank that will invest in true developmental initiatives of our country. The ANCYL will support Leaders who will advance, in practicality land restitution and must have a lot of appetite to collapse White Monopoly Capital. The ANCYL believes that what does not re-generate dies as a result the ANC has to regenerate in order to live longer. The ANCYL believes in the infusion of a Younger Generation of leaders in its leadership collective to ensure the infusion of new ideas into its tactics. The National Executive Committee of the ANC Youth League will ultimately take the decision on who to support having looked at principles of leadership and promote unity of the ANC. We will not be forced to become petty and announce names without a framework on what the ANC needs.

The ANCYL has noted with great grief and concern the lack of transformation in State owned Enterprises. This situation has escalated to the level that those who advocate for transformation are targeted and trialed through media. The ANCYL is making a call that those who have been deployed by the movement to advance its policies on radical economic transformation must shape up or shape out.

The people of our country expect only the best from the glorious movement. They expect direct material benefit from their votes they want to own sizable stakes in the economy. Government procurement should be used to assist our people build a capital ownership base that will propel them to owning sizable chunks of our economy. It is time that all government departments and SOE`s invoke Section 217 Subsection (a) of the constitution and forcefully implement procurement policies, such that government stops trading with companies that have a black shareholding of less than 50%. These laws should be used such that government procurement sets aside 40% of its procurement spend for youth owned companies. This is allowed by the constitution any other law that blocks this like the PPPFA must be repealed.

The ANC Youth League has noted the criminality in the financial sector. The ANCYL believes there was criminality and fraud in the transaction that involved BANKORP which was ultimately bought by ABSA, and the Reserve Bank. This criminality must never go unpunished because it is what feeds White Monopoly Capital. We call on the public protector to speedily issue the report with remedial actions which are binding as per the constitutional court judgment and we are confident that ABSA will be held accountable as other reports had been issued before on this issue.

This is not the first time the Youth League has raised the issue of criminality in the Financial Sector. Last year Barclays (ABSA) colluded with Goldman Sach`s to collapse the Rand. This criminality is being punished in other countries except in South Africa where there is no will to hold big corporates accountable. There is huge appetite from Treasury Bureaucratic structures to protect huge Financial Corporates. The ANCYL calls for the Presidential Commission to investigate if Moody`s that has been holding South Africa on a barrel of a gun dictating how we should run the country is not involved in issuing fraudulent ratings. The agreement by Moody`s to pay a fine for participating in the 2008 Financial Crisis proves that they are not credible and they must never set foot again in this country. These financial corporates must be held accountable and they must pay for their criminality.

Corporates must be taught a lesson that South Africa means business. Those who also have their dues must come clean up and volunteer to pay back the money and save state money on prolonged investigations. The ANC Youth League will continue their push for ABSA to pay back the money tomorrow the 26th of January Provinces, Regions and Branches will hold demonstrations in various ABSA establishments. Within a period of two weeks the Youth League will mobilize Thousands of young people to demonstrate against ABSA. We also request all South Africans young in particular that tomorrow the 26th of January-2017. they must call the ABSA call center and ask them when are they paying back the money. The money that ABSA should be held liable to pay should be used to fund free education and and Youth Development.

The ANC Youth League welcomes the R 1.3 billion contribution that NSFAS is making in the current registration process at universities and TVET colleges, However The ANC Youth League has learned through proper research, that to pilot free education in 2017 by funding first year entrants to universities who are classified as poor with household income of about R 350 000.00 would cost the country from 5 to 7 Billion rands. It is estimated that this will cover more than 70% of first time tertiary entrants. This will be a serious leap towards the implementation of ANC policy of free education. We call on government to immediately implement this progressive proposal. SARS has continued over years to increase the collection of taxes it can not be that a government that collected more than a Trillion of rands can fail to fund the small billions required to build a better future for this country. We hope that the president will address this issue in his state of the Nation address.

The ANC Youth League will like to call on all South Africans to protect Lesbians and Gays (LGBT). These are fellow Human Beings who must be treated with respect and dignity like all Human Beings and no one has the moral right to speak ill, about them, as it dehumanizes them. We must also remember that insulting a person is a form of violance. We are aware that discriminatory and derogatory statements that are said about our brothers and sisters often result into violent treatment that they end up being exposed to in township and in their areas of dwelling. Let us remember that only God has the right to judge others.

The ANC will now intensify



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