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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANCYL NWC Statements

The African National Congress Youth League, through the NWC as mandated by the NEC of the ANCYL, has appointed the Provincial Task Team of the Eastern Cape. The PTT has lucid timeframes on when to take the province to its Provincial Congress. The PTT is composed of current members of the ANCYL, leaders and former leaders in the province. The PTT is as follows:

1. Mziwonke Ndabeni - Region: OR Tambo (Proposed PTT Convener)
2. Ntombikayise Mnyengeza - Region Chris Hani: (Proposed PTT Coordinator)
3. Mabhuti Mthuthuzeli Matyhumza: Region Sarah Baartman
4. Clifton Booysen - Region: Sarah Baartman
5. Ntembeko Dodo - Region: BCM
6. Luvuyo Gatyeni - Region: Chris Hani
7. Momelezi Mbedla - Region: Alfred Nzo
8. Nonkuthalo "Nonhinha" Maswana - Region: Nelson Mandela Metro
9. Lindiswa Nossy Mzini - Region: BCM
10. Themba Xathula - Region: Nelson Mandela Metro
11. Mlungiseleli Ncaphayi - Region: BCM
12. Phiwabo Ngozi - Region: OR Tambo
13. Simfunile Budu - Region: OR Tambo
14. Zoleka Busuku - Region: Alfred Nzo
15. Melikhaya Pikini - Region: Amathole
16. Linda Tonze - Region: Amathole
17. Sweetness Mbonyana - Region: Joe Gqabi
18. Siya Mei - Region: Joe Gqabi
19. Siya Vazi - Region: Nelson Mandela
20. Onke Mgungculu - Region: Amathole
21. Sthembile Kanyile - Region BCM
22. Sivile Mabandla - Region Amathole
23. Yanga Tantsi - Region: Alfred Nzo
24. Mlimandlela Ndamase - Region: OR Tambo
25. Nelson Xolo - Region: Alfred Nzo

The ANCYL NWC has reflected on the State Of Capture report.

As the ANCYL, we are shocked that the Secretary General of the ANC Cde Gwede Mantashe and the President of the ANCYL Cde Collen Maine are part of the report. It is our considered view that the two comrades are not even members of any state institution but were called to account to the then Public Protector about state capture. It is becoming lucid that the report was a DA sanctioned mission with the intention of casting aspersions to the ANC leadership in government and in the organization.

She did this regardless of the fact that she was specifically told by the President of the ANCYL, through his legal team, that he does not see his relevance on the matter which the Public Protector was pursuing. The President of the ANCYL requested that if he can be told and clarified of his relevance as he has no problem participating but the response never came.

It is our considered view that the then Public Protector did what she did with the intention of launching the DA campaign ahead of 2019 National and provincial government elections. This has been confirmed by the resignation of the CEO of the public protector office to take a post with the DA in Tshwane municipality.

The leaking of information has been done deliberately with no other motive besides that of attacking the President of the ANC and of the country and many deployed comrades of the ANC in government and State Owned Enterprises. We re-affirm our stand on the support for comrade Mr B Molefe as well as his management team. Mr Molefe you are a shinning diamond that represents black excellence.

We call on all implicated individuals, directly or indirectly, to take this report on judicial review as privileged by the Constitution. We are particularly interested in the constitutionality of a range of issues that this report raised which will most definitely spark fierce debate right up to the Constitutional Court, especially in as far as the powers of the Public Protector and the Head of State are concerned.

To our knowledge, the Head of State is the only one empowered to institute a judicial commission of inquiry in terms of s 84(2)(f) and not the Chief Justice. This is why President Zuma has previously instituted judicial commissions of inquiry even where there were prospects of him being subject to investigation by the very same judicial commissions of inquiry, a point of reference is the Arms Deal Commission.

We call on the ANC leadership to stop panicking. It is our view that there is nothing conclusive that the drama queen report entails. The half cooked report was in anyway intended to trigger commotion in South Africa and in the movement. Some ANC leaders must stop making agendas informed by media headlines and what white censored media says. They have never liked us, they still don`t even now.

We further appeal to the newly appointed Public Protector, Ms Busisiwe Mkhwebane, to also take the former Public Protector`s shoddy work on judicial review as the current report may continue to undermine the Public Protector`s Office.

We further call on her to take all the necessary steps in restoring the stature of the Public Protector`s Office, even if it means laying complaints or opening cases against the outgone Public Protector to the most appropriate authorities and/or platforms.

We want to wish the ``drama queen`` well in her new DA endeavors, for now may she rest in peace. The ANCYL want to advise the Public Protector to be careful, the staff in the office might work against you. We request that you relook into the individuals in your office. Lastly the ANCYL will be visiting the Public Protector`s office to raise few issues with her.

We have noted a group of mainly business people who gathered under the theme SAVE SOUTH AFRICA. In our knowledge and view as the ANCYL these are prefects of white monopoly capital. The really aggrieved people here are whites mainly in the mining sector. Part of the save SA call are individuals of the middle stratum of working class occupying managerial positions, who are sent to attack the ANC and its leadership.

Looking closely to the group led by Indodana yolahleko Baba Sipho Pityana and former justice Zakaria Mohammed "Zak" Yacoob who insulted a journalist by the name of Piet Rampedi when he asked him about his tireless attempts of trying to temper with the report of Adv. Muzi Sikhakhane before it was made public about the unlawful rogue unit at SARS. You can tell that these are people who did not accept the leadership of the ANC since 2007 and conditions are worsened by real masters loosing business with the state.

We call on South Africans who have issues with the ANC and the movement to continue to raise them but be careful of the association. For some use genuine concerns of people for narrow political gains and destroy the image of our movement.

The ANCYL NWC will be conducting a research of who are the beneficiaries of giving government services. This research will be focusing on four categories being age, race, the duration of services and what have those beneficiaries done for the youth as a whole and blacks in particular. This we will do informed by two reasons, firstly to see sectors that are not representative of the demographics of the country, in terms of age, race, gender and people with disabilities.

Secondly to establish what the SOEs are doing to deliberately create space for the youth in general and African youth in particular. Our people will not eat rhetoric, not promises, not the state of capture report. Our people must take from the excessively well off and distribute amongst themselves.

We want to acknowledge Ms Dudu Myeni, Mr Brian Molefe, Mr Dan Mantsha and many others for have done sterling work where they are serving, we want to remind them that transformation of institutions they serve is primary. W call on you not to be threatened by white supremacy which has over decades benefited from these institutions. As we conduct the audit we will start with you and see what are you doing if you are failing there is no need why you must be kept there.

The youth is not employed, the youth is sidelined from the mainstream economy, that can`t happen under your watch. Having said this, we must say we are proud of you, including many others, but like all relationships they have a make and break conditions.

The ANCYL has noted the ill discipline that continues to engulf our movement particularly the liberation movement. We call on the ANC to instill discipline without fear or favor. As the ANCYL we have noted a growing trend of ANC leadership breaking ranks, speaking outside of structures.

We call for refrain from this behavior across the movement particularly the ANC. The ANCYL will be writing a letter of complaint against comrade Jackson Mthembu`s conduct. We equally call on the ANC to look at all its members on this matter.

We call on the ANC leadership to give veterans of our movement a platform for them to raise the concerns they have. We must not forget their voluntary commitment to liberate the country. It is within that background that we think they should be listened to. Equally we would like them to raise some of the issues within structures of the MKVA otherwise it will defeat the purpose of having created the structure.

We call on the ANC communication to be consistent when it deals with issues. The ANC never issued a statement against Jackson but to do it on Cde Kebby. This behavior of the ANC communication might help and play to the narrative that there are groupings in the ANC NEC thus others are shielded and others are responded to.

We call on our structures as the ANCYL to refrain from commenting on the leadership question of the ANC. Unlike the ANC, we in the ANCYL will be quick to deal with anyone who is in structures of the ANCYL who defies this call.

The ANCYL will have a mass demonstration soon directed at combating the endless request of regime change in our country. The mass demonstration will equally call on the private sector to contribute towards free education and lastly the march will be about economic emancipation of the youth through employment and the youth being given economic opportunities to participate in the main stream economy. This call is for all young people, but blacks in particular because we have been, for decades, out of the mainstream economy.


Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson