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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Hands President JG Zuma from clumsy clowns and groupies.

14 December 2015

The ANCYL notes the clumsy Adv. Thuli Mandonsela`s quest to be a political player in the political affairs of South Africa. The ANCYL calls on Thuli to desist from her actions and words of undermining the President of the ANC and the Head of State. After all, she is known for forever flirting with the "Red Overalls".

In fact, we cannot wait to see her in them herself. We understand that Thuli is suppose to be serving the nation through one of its Chapter 9 institutions, which is the Public Protector`s Office. In full view of that we do not believe that she is empowered to make such endeavors of canvassing a request to Parliament that the President must resign or that she will join a mass demonstration to the Union Buildings demanding that the President Zuma must resign.

We want to call on Thuli Mandonsela to focus on her work and stop being a political celebrity, whose role is to undermine and demean the President and ultimately the ANC government. We politely request this agent to leave political matters to activists and politicians. We further request her not to attack our government using the highly-respected Office that she was correctly appointed to by President Zuma.

The ANCYL together with the African National Congress is confident with the leadership that is being demonstrated by President Zuma and his collective in handling the affairs of the country. The ANCYL will not downplay its views on clumsy clowns who are politician- wanna-be`s like Thuli and her groupies, who are forever preoccupied about the leaders of the ANC and government, in particularly, H.E. J.G. Zuma.

We want to say to say to you Thuli, "We cannot wait for you to complete your term, but we will bear with you, just a bit longer. We are certain that we will not have to deal with you ever again. In fact, we will not see your face nor hear your voice ever again." We would like to volunteer our services in organizing your farewell party, just to say, "Goodbye, it was not fun whilst you were with us."

Just to let you know, the lack of confidence and clear leadership that you hallucinate to be absent from President Zuma is in fact absent in you. Alas, our people are without a Public Protector, but they have you as clumsy clown, pseudo-politician, celebrity-wanna-be, who is abusing her highly-respected Office and her status in society.

For once and for all we need to set the record straight - you are behaving like a typical CIA agent with the sole purpose of destabilizing our hard-earned democracy, purely because it does not suite your narrow agenda.

Issued by
Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth League