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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Ignore the hypocrite and peacock

30 November 2015

The African National Congress Youth League notes with disgust, but without shock, the utterances made by Malema in England. We have maintained as the ANCYL that Malema needs psychological help. We call on psychologists to volunteer to help discover the nature of sickness the fellow has. The men suffers from psychotics disorder, which is characterized by profound disruption in cognition and emotions, affecting the most fundamental human attributes such as : language, thought, perception, and a sense of one self. The attacks on President Nelson Mandela the father of nation were most unfortunate but considering the state of mind of the men who makes them the nation should not be worried but should raise concern on how many people believe in this fellow given his views.

The stature and the legacy of Nelson Mandela speaks out for itself, not only in South Africa but all over the globe and it does not deserve such unwarranted remarks from anyone let alone a creature of Malema`s stature. We equally learnt that he attacked President Robert Mugabe which was unfortunate and distasteful. Shocking enough, he is the same man that praised President Robert Mugabe. We believe that this sickness emerged after the fellow could not cope with leaving the ANC family. The ANC must oil its machines more so as not to produce further factory faults like him otherwise we will have a nation full of people like him.

Malema not so long are ago said the ANC government must build a bigger monument of Nelson Mandela and remove that of Botha who was an apartheid agent, perpetrator and symbol of oppression. He went on record in Parliament to say President Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter who fought for his people and a hero of South Africa. It was him who acknowledged President Nelson Mandela as a person who fought for his people sincerely. We are shocked but not surprised by his remarks for he is a hypocrite and peacock which always wants to parade itself to show its colors to every one who cares to look.

It was the same lunatic which told South Africans that Robert Mugabe was a hero for the people of Zimbabwe. Part of his trips which he undertook during his short lived time in the ANCYL, he visited Zimbabwe when he was carrying out the mandate of advocating for land redress. When he came back he said that President Robert Mugabe was correct and that the complain of imperialist and the west were misplaced. The same peacock paraded in Zimbabwe in ZANU-PF colors side by side with President Mugabe. It is without doubt that in the 24th National Congress of the ANCYL he praised President Mugabe saying he is best leader in Africa. But again we know he is a clown that is self centered with some exaggerated feeling of self importance, indeed true to him being like a peacock.

Julius suffers from hypocrisy and deliquesce in the true sense of the words. Everything to him changes illogically depending who is paying that day. We guess the cheque was huge to make such utterances about President Mandela and Mugabe. It was him who said the West are imperialist who deserve no space in South Africa but now he is best buddies with them and big investors in winning in South Africa. Malema`s comments and views are always financially induced no wonder the remarks. If South Africans have not seen the man for what he is yet, this is the time to thoroughly know the men for what he is.

We call on South Africans, the continent of Africa and all friendly forces of South Africa and Africa to isolate the fellow and give him no space in their countries up until at least we have established the sickness of the men after all this might be a dangerous sickness which can affect other African countries.

Malema is nothing but a hypocrite and a peacock whose role is to show off whether for good or bad reasons but it seems there is more bad than good that he does. The youth league urges communities of South Africa to isolate the lunatic and keep him away with his fellows of red overalls. It is without doubt that we know the role of Mandela in bringing about freedom in South Africa. This is the same Mandela that agitated for the formation of MK amongst other many leaders of the movement. The same MK that created self defence units and trained comrades inside and outside of South Africa. The man has forgotten that at some point he claimed to have carried a gun at the of age 9 years because he was part of the inside defense unit. Do not ask us where were the red overalls when they took the trip to UK for they(ir) are only used for some sessions of parliament.

Issued by
Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth