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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Statement on protests in KZN

17 November 2015

Uvuk'ayibambe is concerned with the state of affairs of the ANC, following conferences of the ANC in different levels. The ANCYL calls on all its members to disassociate themselves from the unorganisational mass demonstration directed against the ANC and democratic outcomes. We call on all disciplined members of the League to stop participating in activities that seek to damage the name of the ANC and to stop singing divisive songs. We further call on the former ANC KZN Chairperson and current Premier of KwaZulu Natal Comrade Senzo Mchunu to come out and condemn those that are marching in his name.

We advise him to take proactive measures in ensuring that he discourages all those that are engaged in mass protest using his name. For if he does not do this it might create or affirm the impression that they do this sent and instructed by him. We want to encourage all those that are dissatisfied about the outcome of the KZN ANC Conference to follow organisational processes and lodge complaints with the relavent structure. Mass demonstration will not in any way affect or influence the outcomes of appeals in the movement. The only thing that affect and influence outcomes is the content of the appeal. After all, the ANC as an organization will leave beyond those that are leaders. We say this for we will inherit the ANC and we do not want to inherit an organization that is amassed with problems beyond reproach.

We call on all members of the movement to desist from the discussion of leadership at national level for this matter is closed.

We further call on those that have concern about the ANC 2017 Conference to raise these matters in structures of the organisation. We want to encourage all Alliance partners to raise concerns inside structures of the Alliance and refrain from passing comments that might create space for public spat amongst leaders and structures of the movement, for that will be playing into the hands of the enemy.

We equally note the attacks that the ANC has suffered from one of its Alliance partners over the weekend; when the SACP had its Provincial General Council. We request that we desist from saying bad things about each other in our meetings and public platforms, for that might create animosity within the Alliance. We want to say to the SACP and YCLSA the doors for engagement are opened to address any matter. We call on them to stop saying that they are tired of defending the President of the ANC on Nkandla and on the 4 billion jet which has not been bought by the State. We the ANCYL are capable of defending our own leadership. We have never outsourced that responsibility and we will never do so.

We are combat ready to defend our leadership at night and during the day. We have never invited anyone to defend the leadership of the ANC. We have always understood this to be a responsibility of those that find a need to do so, those that are tired can they step aside so we continue with the journey, yinde ledlela esihambayo. We request that the leadership of the SACP stop saying the President of the ANC is "this man". We as the Youth of the ANC do not take kind to such remarks. We equally call on the YCL leadership to stop saying the Chairperson of the Premier League stays in Nkandla for the insinuation of such remarks will not allow us to keep quite. We call on the ANC to suspend all those that want to open the leadership question in line with the ANC resolution particularly those that are part of the ANC NEC.

Issued by

Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth League