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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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The ANC Youth League condemns ill-discipline and un-informed militancy

31 July 2014

The ANC Youth League condemns the counter revolutionary mannerisms that the organisers of the recent marches have let loose on their members and supporters. We remind everyone who plans to organise a march to remember that there is a responsibility that goes with a right to express the demands or grievances. Property and people`s lives should be protected and safeguarded at all times.

There has been a march to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and it was overwhelmed by mayhem and chaos. There is an ongoing student protest in Medunsa and it is also chaotic and anarchic. Recently, there was a march in the streets of Johannesburg by young pupils who decided to loot from the struggling hawkers and then got beaten and injured. The organisers of this march should be ashamed of themselves and should learn out of this experience.

The ANC Youth League calls on all young people to take note of the organisers of such protests to be cautious not to get into disgraceful actions that will undermine the rights of other citizens and endanger their own lives. As young people, we should express our grievances in a manner that is within our democratic rights and with the intention to be listened to.

Vandalism and looting diverts the attention from genuine demands raised. This behaviour is not compatible to professionals in training, what kind of health professionals that would resort to burning cars and public buildings. We further call upon the university management to afford the SRC proper platform and meet students` grievances.

We call on all our people who may have grievances to raise them or march to submit their demands in a disciplined manner that shows informed militancy. As we celebrate 20 years of Freedom and Democracy, we urge that we do not destroy the foundations of the very same democracy.

Issued by African National Congress Youth League

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