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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANCYL statement on passing-on of Gogo Priscilla Mokaba

25 December 2013

The ANC Youth League mourns the passing-on of Gogo Priscilla Mokaba. We are saddened that we lost another struggle-pillar after we have lost the Founding President of our Democratic Republic of South Africa, President Mandela.

Gogo Mokaba was not only a great mother to Comrade Peter Mokaba but was a distinguished socio-political activist that worked for practical development of our communities. We pass our heartfelt condolences to the Mokaba family and friends. We know that this is also a great loss to the ANC in Limpopo Province and nationally.

She will be equal to none in-terms of understanding the political will and drive within a young lion. We call on our parents, particularly mothers to learn from Gogo Mokaba that if they believe in us and guide us in our political engagements, we can be like Peter Mokaba. Be articulate, patient and political disciplined. We need-to-wear-no-beret to be like Comrade Peter Mokaba - all we need is our parents support to partake and shape our future and free our people from economic hardships. As the ANC Youth League, we firmly believe that economic freedom is possible in the life-time of this generation of young people (14 - 35) under the leadership of the ANC. The very ANC that is led by President Zuma and which Gogo Priscilla Mokaba and Comrade Peter Mokaba were members of until they departed from this world.

As the youth that inherited the ANC Youth League from the generations that were nurtured by the likes of Gogo Mokaba, we swear never to sell-out the course of our people in pursuit of narrow personal stardom and seats in the legislatures as done by some of the people who were once with us. We will be steadfastly working for the realization of a truly prosperous South Africa were all races and tribes live in harmony and all our people enjoy the fruits of a better-life.

Issued by African National Congress Youth League

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