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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Outcomes of the NTT meeting

2 December 2013

Progress on Organizational Rebuilding

Progress is being made throughout the country in rebuilding structures of the ANCYL. We are confident that we will meet the set target as detailed in the Roadmap to Congresses.

COSATU debacle

We note the public posture of some of the COSATU affiliates, who seem to be hell-bent in splitting the federation, even when the ANC has attempted to mediate to resolve the impasse particularly amongst the leadership. We are particularly concerned by the singling out of the Secretary General of the ANC, Cde Gwede Mantashe with a intention to isolate him from the collective of the Alliance.

Eradication of bucket toilet system

The NTT expresses its concern on the slow pace by which the eradication of bucket toilet system is carried out. We appreciate the political will expressed by our government in eradicating the apartheid legacy bucket toilets but we want more action and determination from the administrators of all spheres of government in dealing with this matter within the pronounced timeframes.

As the ANC Youth League, we therefore want to let public know that we will be engaging our comrades in the ANC and in government for the formation of the Sanitation Youth Brigades through-out the municipalities where these types of toilets are still found.

Fight against HIV and AIDS

We appreciate the work that is being done by the ANC led government towards zero new HIV and TB infections. Since 2009, we have witness government programmes that ensure long-life for people living with HIV and AIDS. As the ANC Youth League, we have communicated to our structures to develop programmes that continue to show our support to our fellow young people living with HIV and AIDS. In-line with this year`s theme, we call on all young people to Get Wise, Get Tested, Get Circumcised so as to prevent possibilities of acquiring Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Posture of Public Protector

The ANCYL NTT took time to read the Public Protector Act of 1994, as amended, in order to assist Advocate Madonsela in clarifying her reporting lines, as it appears that she has selective amnesia. We did so noting that she seems to be leaking reports to the media, which is not part of the reporting structure according to the prescript.

The parallel investigation on the security upgrade at President Zuma`s home was inappropriately influenced and motivated, thus consistently becoming a political agenda associated with the DA and the use of media amongst others. Comments that tumble on the rights of others and the leakage of documents based on reports that she is yet to release is rather concerning. The manner in which, Advocate Madonsela has handled the Nkandla investigation clearly compromises the outcome.

Her modus operandi must be investigated by relevant law enforcement agencies, since she is not above the law. It is not enough for her to distance herself from the leaked reports without taking any appropriate action against the media houses that continue to be the source of leaks. In our view, Thuli has compromised the Office of the Public Protector through her continuous leaking of unofficial reports. She is no different to the defunct Scorpion, which also used Hollywood style to arrest. We, therefore, call for decisive action against her conduct which leaves much to be desired.

Meanwhile, the ANCYL calls on the outcome of the JSCI to be implemented, particularly further investigation by AG, SIU and the Police. We insist that recommendations of the JSCI were sufficient in dealing with corruption and any act of criminality that may have been found, mainly pointing to contractors that inflated prices for the security upgrade of Nkandla.

Scourge of violence against Women And Children

Year 2013 has been a year where the South African citizen learns from media of babies that has been assaulted or that of women who have been raped. We call upon our communities to refrain from raping kids including abusing women and commit in building safer communities for all our people. As the ANCYL, we support 16 days of activism against abuse of women and children and we urge our structures to become defenders of communities.

Behavior during Festive Season

Festive Season is upon us and as we closed our last meeting of 2013, we resolve to encourage young people to enjoy their holidays and festivities in a responsible manner. Not to abuse intoxicating substances and to lead healthy lifestyles.

Issued by African National Congress Youth League


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