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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANC Youth League sends best wishes to Tata Nelson Mandela

11 December 2012

The African National Congress (ANC) Youth League sends best wishes to Tata Nelson Mandela and we pray for his speedy recovery. We are pleased to hear that he is responding well.

The youth of South Africa cannot thank Tata enough for his tireless work and sacrifices towards South Africa`s liberation. Without Tata working with other freedom fighters, we would not be talking about Democratic South Africa and the "born frees" in South Africa. While the attainment of freedom in their lifetime drove Tata and ANC leadership, the ANC Youth League remains committed to achieving economic freedom in our lifetime.

In his youth, Tata played a crucial role in the leadership of ANC Youth League,and in the ANC, He was at the centre of mobilising our people behind the implementation of the Freedom Charter, a social contract with the people. The Freedom Charter resonates with the high values of the ANC of ensuring that the people benefit from the wealth of the land, get free, universal and equal education and have access to work, housing and security. It remains for the ANC government to implement these programmes with renewed commitment. As President of a free South Africa, Tata worked to promote reconciliation and unity in the country and advocated for the development of the poor and vulnerable and for that we remain truly grateful.

Tata has always been a dedicated and disciplined member of the ANCYL and the ANC. As we approach the 53rd National Conference of the ANC in Mangaung we should not betray him and the values he stands for. As we set out to elect leadership of our Glorious movement,the ANC, we must be candid and disciplined in our deliberations and select the leadership that espouse values of the ANC of Chief Albert Luthuli, Tata Oliver Tambo, Tata Nelson Mandela and many great leaders that have led the ANC since 1912.

As we become sentimental during Tata`s ill health, we should reflect on his continuously honourable life and recommit ourselves to the ANC values.

Issued by the ANC Youth League