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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July – 07 August 2016
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ANC Youth League Mpumalanga Provincial Executive Committee statement

24 November 2010

The ANC Youth League in Mpumalanga welcomes with great relief the revelations that the fictitious character called Josh does not exists. This has confirmed our long standing view that such character does not exists, he was just created to tarnish the image of the Mpumalanga Province and that of the Chairperson of the ANC, Cde DD Mabuza. We therefore want to convey our message of gratitude to the dedicated members of the SAPS who did a sterling work to validate and expose the fact that this character has never existed. It was with great relief to listen to Captain Learnard Hlathi yesterday confirming that they indeed know the men who came out to the public. We therefore call upon society to give space to the families of Jimmy Mohlala, Bomber Tshangase and Sammy Mpatlanyane and others. We must wait for the outcomes of the criminal cases on the arrested people who are alleged to have killed the above mentioned people. The media must also give the police a breathing space to do their work. We hope the police will soon arrest the murders of Sammy Mpatlanyane.

We therefore call upon the ANC to deal decisively with their members who have perpetually perpetuated this misinformation during media interviews and during public engagements and media platforms. We further call upon the police to arrest Mzilikazi wa Afrika and charge him with perjury and high treason as he has conspired to tarnish the Chairperson’s name on this matter without any substance. He must be warned to stop lying to the public by saying that there is a ticking bomb that will shock the Province. This man has been spreading this lies for a long time and we said thus far he and James Nkambule are the person who have confirmed to have seen this character. Mzilikazi has proven that he is a professional liar that must never be trusted by anyone as he is a lie manufacturer. This exposure further vindicates our previous statement on the operations of the brown envelope journalism demonstrated by Mzilikazi.

This further exposes the media in particular Sunday Times that they are not going to be allowed to misinform the public with blatant lies. We further call upon the police to conduct the investigation on the people who are behind the two Masqueraders because their operations indicate that they were not working alone. It is our belief that the matter must not be laid to rest until the handlers are exposed and brought to book. It is our believe as the ANC YL in Mpumalanga that whoever aspires to become the Chairperson or Premier of the province must wait for the next provincial conference to declare their ambitions and at the moment DD Mabuza is in charge of the organisation and the government.

We further support the initiatives by the Provincial Department of Safety and Security in their endeavours to close all taverns that are built next to school as this affect teaching and learning. We further support their program that is aimed at ensuring that no under age children go to taverns and Shebeens. This renewed energy will assist us to have a very safe festive season. We further want to congratulate the department of education in Mpumalanga and their counterparts at national level to run scandal free Senior Certificate examinations, hoping that the province will improve its performance.

We therefore call upon the people of Mpumalanga to remain focused and support Provincial Government in its endeavour to better the lives of our people.

Issued by the ANC Youth League Mpumalanga Province