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ANC Youth League Limpopo Statement: A clarion call as our grade 12s will be starting with their exams

05 October 2010

The ANCYL in Limpopo is aware that Matric exams will be starting soon and most learners have been doing a lot of work on their own. This is because the public sector strike has had a huge impact on this group of learners in particular. We appreciate the unsurpassed work done by those who continue to support and assist Grade 12 learners to push hard in their preparation to the Final exams.

We want to make a clarion call to all and sundry, to embrace and give a helping hand so that our learners can be thoroughly prepared for the final examinations. We call on communities, churches, business, traditional leaders, teachers, parents/guardians and managers in the department of Education to give their unwavering support to Grade 12 learners as they approach their final battle field that will determine their entry in tertiary institutions. We further encourage former and retired teachers to heed the call and provide the best form of educational practice that will see these learners coming out of the examination halls content that they will produce positive results.

In addition, we would like to encourage our dear Grade 12s that: "kgomo go tsoshwa ye e itsoshago." Therefore, they must use what is available at their disposal, like learning programmes on TVs and Radios (as supported by Limpopo Department of Education), learning materials provided from time to time in newspapers and on internet, above all books and study guides provided at schools and libraries and any other form of educational enrichment out there that they can arm themselves with. This is no time to point fingers; it is a time to craft your future, for it lies within your hands. Believe in yourselves and never allow anyone to tell you otherwise because you will make it. Don`t panic, take breaks when studying, consult your fellow Grade 12s or teachers where you don`t understand, get some rest, eat and be focused. Remember, there is no turning back, you need to earn your marks and the time has arrived. Run the race to be amongst the best if not the best yourself.


Issued by the ANC Youth League