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ANC Youth League Free State Campaign to support the class of 2010 in their final national senior certificate

13 October 2010

The ANCYL in the Free State province notes with concern the challenges that the learners in 2010 have had to go through. Normal teaching and learning were affected negatively during the euphoria of the historic 2010 Soccer World Cup, which saw the abnormally longer winter recess.

Soon after schools re-opened, teaching and learning were once again disrupted by the three-week crippling public service strike, which also included teachers. As if that was not enough, our allies, COSAS, then embarked on protests that affected teaching and learning and prevented some schools from writing preliminary examinations.

The ANC Youth League in the province supports the 80% target set by the Free State Department of Education. We believe that with the right support and creation of conducive and enabling environment, our young people can still achieve quality marks. Indeed, it is usually during the time of adversity that the best humanity is unleashed to circumvent the undesirability.

For its part, the ANC Youth League in the province will therefore embark on the following activities:

Participation in Matric Dances

The leadership of the ANC Youth League at all levels in the province will attend all scheduled 2010 matric dances. We will engage School Governing Bodies and Senior Management Teams to request slot to convey our hearty well wishes.

Prayer Services

Branches of the ANC Youth League will work closer with church denominations, parents, students (preferably those who are former learners in the local schools), civil society formations and the communities broadly to lead and coordinate prayer services. These services must also serve as motivational sessions wherein the objective must be to get outstanding achievers locally and elsewhere to inspire and encourage the examination candidates.

Get focused campaign

The ANC Youth League recognises that youth is a very dynamic and adventurous stratum of society. It is an indisputable fact that our youth are social beings and even in the face of this enormous task ahead, learners may still be tempted to attend local bashes and parties and other time-consuming festivities or mind-distracting activities.

During the entirety of this year`s examinations, our structures at all levels will dissuade all learners from participating in such activities. We equally call on community members to take responsibility of ensuring that we do not allow learners during this critical period to participate in less-meaningful activities.

We will mobilise and enlist the support and services of experts and the experienced to intervene in situations of pre-examination stress and panic. We appreciate that over and above adequate preparedness, the other major contributing factor in determining success is the (right) state of mind of an individual.


Being an African organisation, the ANC Youth League appreciates that there is no individual who is born a genius. Our proposition is that an individual excellence is a product of collective effort from various stakeholders. In this context, we therefore recognise the fact that the individuals` success in these examinations will deliver a common, nation`s achievement.

We cannot conceive of an ideal of economic freedom in our lifetime without education as a precondition. These efforts, small as they are, therefore constitute the deliberate, practical effort to create impetus towards realisation of this ideal.


Issued by the ANC Youth League Free State