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ANCYL Gauteng Province media statement on the programme to support the class of 2010

11 October 2010

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in Gauteng has adopted a programme to support matric learners in preparation for their 2010 final examinations. This is a partnership initiative of the ANCYL with the support of the Department of Basic Education in Gauteng and social partners in the private sector, in particular Cheesekids for Humanity.

As the ANCYL we note with concern the challenges that the class of 2010 is faced with as a consequence of the strike action and disruption of the preliminary examination. The manifesto of the ANC has placed education at the centre of our agenda and therefore we are calling members of society in Gauteng, namely; students, parents, churches, civil society formations and business to heed to this call by inculcating the culture of learning and teaching during this period. The programme will unfold as follows:

The Silence campaign

The silence campaign entails deliberate reduction of partying time in our communities. We need shebeen proprietors, club owners and entertainment promoters to actively dissuade learners from coming to their establishments and events, as well as desist from advertising and promoting to learners during this period. We are also calling on all residents within our communities to observe quiet time every evening to afford learners a distraction-free environment conducive for study and revision. The campaign will start on Monday the 11th of October 2010 and remain in force until the end of November 2010. Young people represent the future of this country and should be encouraged and nurtured. We will be actively involved in creating an enabling environment for learners to study. We believe that learning is also influenced by the external factors you are exposed to. Young people must know that the gratification they receive from parties is short lived but an investment in their Education guarantees their future in the long term. We are certain that this campaign will also benefit many of our varsity students who would no doubt also require such support.

Blazer Friday

We are in support of the joint-initiative by the International Marketing Council (IMC) and the National Department of Basic Education, which seeks to encourage South Africans to wear school uniforms on Fridays in support of the Class of 2010, much as millions of South Africans demonstrated their support for the World Cup by sporting soccer apparel on "Football Fridays". ANCYL members and members of society are encouraged to pledge their support by wearing school uniforms (or any items thereof) every Friday during the tenure of Matric examinations. This will not only serve as a positive reinforcement in nation building and positive role modeling, but also remind society of the responsibility we collectively hold to ensure and support the education of our youth.

Study sites

We commend Gauteng Department of Basic Education for establishing study sites in our communities which are a part of its recovery plan, following the recent public sector strike, and a way of improving the Matric pass rate in 257 under-performing schools in our province. Whilst we respect the right of Educators to embark upon industrial action and appreciate the need for adequate compensation given the vital contribution they make to society: we reject categorically any attempt by anybody to undermine the education of an African child. We would like to encourage our allies in COSAS to ensure that all learners are daily in the study sites exploiting the resources of guided revision.


The ANCYL has committed itself to attaining economic freedom in our lifetime. Integral to this is ensuring that all young people are capacitated with the skills, competencies and qualification that will allow them to transcend to the commanding heights of our economy. It starts in school and here we cannot fail. We believe that an entire province in support of the class of 2010 can make a significant difference to the examination outcomes and call on all residents of Gauteng to become active supporters of these 3 campaigns.

Issued by the ANC Youth League