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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
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ANC Youth League National Executive Committee Statement

10 September 2009

The African National Congress Youth League National Executive Committee meeting happened on the 8th and 9th of September 2009 in Riverside Hotel, Vaal, Gauteng to assess organisational and political work. The National Executive Committee discussed and took concrete resolutions on the following issues:

Organisational Matters

The National Executive Committee with the progress of majority of the Regional Congress that have happened thus far and will ensure that all regions going to the regional congresses before the end of the year do so. We call on all our structures to adhere to organisational principles, democracy and discipline even when congress delegates have different preferences on leadership.

Overall, the national executive committee is content with the work done at all levels of the organisation and vowed to intensify on all our campaigns.


The ANC YL will continue to mobilise support for the Nationalisation of Mines and other strategic sectors of the South African economy. The National Executive Committee will engage the leadership of the ANC and present coherent and convincing arguments on why State ownership and control of the key sectors of the economy is important.

African Leadership

The ANC YL stands by its view that Africans should be represented in key and strategic positions in the economy, including in government`s central economic cluster positions. This does not entail that we are calling for an immediate reshuffle of cabinet. We will be engaging the ANC leadership on the details of our argument and present to them the statistics of South African economy`s dominance by white males.

Ministers` Cars

The ANC YL calls on all government leaders to closely inspect government procurement practices in the face of recession. Government should be cautious on the amount of money spent on the many goods and services utilised by government. We should be concerned that government`s purse will be significantly reduced because of recession and our expenditure and procurement practices should be reconsidered.

Soldiers` Strike

The ANC YL believes that the interests of soldiers should be advocated and their working conditions improved, like any other South Africans. We will interact with all the relevant stakeholders on the question of Strikes by Soldiers and provide leadership on what should be an acceptable way moving forward. We will speak to the MKMVA, the Ministry of Defence, Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans, and the affected Unions with the intention of ensuring the Soldiers are adequately remunerated and the transformation of the entire military fast tracked.

It is our view that "The interests of the working class should always be priority of our democratic government, and we have a responsibility as youth to defend their interests".

Succession in the ANC

The NEC stands by its view that succession debate is very premature and could disunite the organisation. The ANC YL is categorically opposed to the commencement of the succession debate, irrespective of who raises it. The succession discussion will only happen towards the ANC National Conference in 2012, and the ANC YL has never discussed succession issues in the ANC.

Universities of Mpumalanga and Northern Cape

The National Executive Committee reaffirmed the call for the establishment of Universities in Mpumalanga and Northern Cape and appreciated the work done by the Provincial Executive Committees to ensure that such is a reality.

Lembede Investment Holding

The National Executive Committee fully endorses the National Working Committee that Lembede Investment Holdings is systematically closed. The systematic closure of Lembede Investment Holdings will be a transparent, open and credible process involving all the relevant stakeholders.

65th Anniversary Activities

The theme for the 65th Anniversary celebrations is "Celebrating a Vibrant Youth Voice—65 Years Down the Block". This represents our continued celebration of the vibrancy of youth in South Africa.

The ANC YL will be celebrating the formation of the ANC YL 65 years ago through intensification of political education, social programmes and intensification of organisational campaigns. During September and October, all structures of the ANC YL structures at branch, zonal, regional and provincial levels should necessarily undergo political education with particular emphasis on the 1944 ANC YL Manifesto and the 1948 Basic Policy Document.

The ANC YL will be celebrating the 65th Anniversary through the following major activities:

  • 65th Anniversary in the Rally, which will happen in the Eastern Cape, O.R Tambo Region in October 27, 2009.
  • IAAF Medallists` Prizes Handover Gala in Gauteng
  • Youth Festival in KwaZulu Natal, Durban with live performances by South Africa`s finest artists.
  • Political Education Classes in all branches, zones and provinces.

Support for the ANC YL President

The ANC YL National Executive Committee expressed its unwavering support on our President Julius Malema and took serious exception with those who are calling members of the Youth League to disown the President. The National Executive Committee is disgusted by leaders of Progressive Youth Alliance structures who undermine our President and make weak attempts to call for a mutiny in the organisation.

Issued by the ANC Youth League