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Statement on the 59th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter

26 June 2014

The ANC Youth League looks back to 59 years ago`s Congress of the People that met in Kliptown with pride and joy. We are grateful to the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party for the unwavering commitment and focus they continue to have on the importance of keeping the resolutions (Freedom Charter) of the Congress of the People of South Africa.

We remain steadfast in our belief of the correctness of the Freedom Charter and we shall continue to work for a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it. We support the Bill that seeks to strengthen the relative rights of the people who work the land and we find it in-line with the Freedom Charter clause that calls for land to be shared among those who work it. As the ANC Youth League, we have full-confidence in the power of the ANC to deliver the South African people from economic bondage.

Today, 26 June 2014, we celebrate the 59th anniversary of the enactment of the Freedom Charter by the people who when oppressed opted for peace and progress. We celebrate the victory of unity of all South Africans in their diversity. We celebrate the undying spirit of our gallant freedom fighters whose wisdom continues to guide our pronouncements and actions. We celebrate all this and remind our fellow young people that we are where we are because the African National Congress (ANC) stood the test of time and kept the men and women of the then South Africa committed to the course freedom.

We urge once more all those who love South Africa to support the work being done by the ANC led government at National and Provincial government level but more so in the local sphere by attending ANC meetings so that these meetings can benefit from contributions by all those who seek to move South Africa forward.

Our councillors, Members of Provincial Legislatures and Members of Parliament seat in these meetings (BGM`s) thus keeping the spirit of the 1955 Congress of the People alive in every municipal ward in South Africa. Where these ANC Branch General Meetings do not seat - we, as the ANC Youth League, encourage comrades to inform the Regional leaders of the ANC to force the seating of these mini-Congress of the People.

Our call on this 59th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter is that people of the world should continue to praise the Freedom Charter and the ANC`s work. We want to make the ANC National Conference Resolution on the Decade of the Cadre to be alive. We want representatives of the ANC to always know that who they represent and what they represent is glorious and beyond the ordinary reasoning. It is work to be done with total discipline free-from-corruption and divisive actions. i-ANC, Bakhala ngayo emazweni. i-Freedom Charter Bakhala ngayo emazweni. We have no jealousies but only the commitment to the Freedom Charter.

Issued by African National Congress Youth League

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