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ANC Youth League wishes President Mbeki long-life

18 June 2014

The ANC Youth League wishes President Thabo Mbeki a long-life full of good-health, joy and happiness. There are very few people who dedicated all they are and neglected all they could have been for this generation`s well-being, dignity and unity of all South Africans.

Comrade President Mbeki has been a dedicated selfless volunteer of the African National Congress all his adult life, for that, we will always hold-him in high-regard and he is one of the very few living icons of our time, who have lived in the older century and this one of ours - the 21st Century.

As the ANC Youth League, we know that President Mbeki and some of his peers could have been able to get employed in some other country where there was less racialism and plenty of opportunities but because of their commitment to the freedom of all South Africans chose to spend more than 30 years letting the world know the hardships ordinary South Africans were subjected to. For that the ANC Youth League wishes President Thabo Mbeki on his 72nd Birthday a long-life and all the best desires of his heart.

Issued by African National Congress Youth League

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