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ANC Youth League wishes all South Africans a joyous Easter Weekend and commemorates Solomon Mahlangu

05 April 2012

The ANC YOUTH LEAGUE wishes all South Africans a joyous, safe and fruitful Easter Weekend, which majority of the people of South Africa celebrate as a symbol of the death and ultimate ressurection of Jesus Christ. In 2012, the Easter Friday coincides with the day upon which the National Liberation Movement, particularly the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE commemorates the life of Solomon Mahlangu, a fearless Freedom Fighter who was cowardly executed by the nonensensical apartheid regime on the 6th of April 1979.

Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu is one of the most outstanding anti-apartheid, anti-racial domination and anti-repression young activist who fearlessly fought for the emancipation of the black majority and Africans in particular from political, social and economic bondage. In everything we do, the ANC Youth League and many genuine freedom fighters draw inspiration and courage from the fearlessness and determination of Solomon Mahlangu.

In celebrating Easter Friday and commemorating the life of Solomon Mahlangu, President Julius Malema will visit the Twelve Apostle Church in Christ in Butterworth, Eastern Cape on the 6th of April 2012.

The Church visit will be as follows:

Date: 06 April 2012
Time: 09H00
Venue: Msombomvu Hall, Butterworth, Eastern Cape Province

All members of the media are cordially invited.

Issued by the ANC Youth League