Hlomelang: Official Online Publication of the ANCYL


Statement by ANC Youth League Treasurer General Pule Mabe

5 March 2012

A lot of media speculations and rumours have sought to suggest that I am actively involved in activities that seek to divide and undermine the unity of this collective as elected and mandated by the 24th National Congress to discharge a range of resolutions including the realisation of economic freedom in our life-time.

Those behind this malicious intentions harbour ill-intentions and create unnecessary public spat with a view of defocusing us on the agenda that seeks to liberate a majority of South Africans, a program that our President the commander in chief of Economic Freedom has been leading fearlessly, we remain one and will continue to be one until the next elective congress in 2014. Our Regions and Provinces have further reaffirmed the relevance of this leadership to drive our program forward.

Media detractors should altogether stop using my name to drive divisions within the ANC Youth League, because such attempts will never succeed. The ANC Youth League is unanimous and very clear on all the political and ideological positions we intend to pursue towards the centenary of the ANC in 2012, and no one will successfully divide the organisation using our names.

I am committed to the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime and will never sell out the revolution. Opportunists who are using my name to divide the ANC YL should from now on stop their activities because they do not help in the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime.

Issued by the ANC Youth League