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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Cowardice acts of faceless people must end in the ANC

7 December 2015

The African National Congress Youth League welcomes the proposal in the Broadcasting Amendment Bill as proposed by the Minister Faith Muthambi. The ANCYL calls on all relevant parties to interact with the Bill and pass constructive comments and suggestions. By so doing, this will serve as an act of increasing and deepening democratic participation of our people. We equally call on all stakeholders to broaden the discussion and put forward their thoughts and ideas when responding to these proposed proposals.

The Youth League believes that the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) should maintain its core function but it must by all means, be an institution which narrates good story about South Africa and crafts a correct image about the government, particularly its achievements, which are least communicated. It is our considered view that all institutions do go through changes of various sorts, informed by subjective and objective conditions at that time. There is no institution which remains without continuous redesigns and the SABC is no exception to the rule.

The ANCYL is however concerned by the cowardice acts of rumour mongers who are spreading incorrect information about Minister Faith Muthambi to the media and public. We call upon these faceless individuals to be bold enough to come out in the open or forever hold their peace. Whoever they may be, either leaders or members of the ANC. The Youth League is concerned by the growing trend of members and leaders of the ANC who continue to be faceless and reliable sources of the media. As the ANCYL we view this behaviour as acts of ill-discipline, degeneration and absence of ANC values.

Those who think they have a better role to play in spying they must go where that kind of work in done not in the ANC structures unless they are reporting somewhere we do not know. We call upon the leadership of the ANC to investigate this matter and act decisively. In our view, it is these individuals who are defiant and not the Minister. Internal matters of the ANC should be respected and should be kept as such. These faceless individuals represent the worse level of hypocrisy and betrayal of these principles and values of the ANC. To us, they are no different from traitors who are hell-bent on damaging the image and integrity of the ANC from within, armed with knowledge of its weaknesses and strengths. We want to affirm that comrade Cde Faith Muthambi has done nothing wrong that will warrant such attacks and bad-mouthing whilst dispelling the notion that Cde Faith Muthambi went against the decision of the ANC subcommittee.

As the ANCYL we are also worried by those who speak on various platforms and say that the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi, may not and should not appeal the court decision that relates to the SABC Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng. We call on these individuals to refrain from doing so. What puzzles us more is that some of these individuals have all the time in the world to raise their criticisms and reservations within the ANC structures and in Cabinet, but they conveniently do not. In the recent past, it is the very same individuals who argued that others are using courts to interfere with work of government and reverse its decisions. They were convinced that the anti-majoritarian offensive is using courts to advance their agenda, but today they are celebrating courts without any desire to challenge the decisions of the court even where reasons may exist to do so. We call on all leaders of our movement to stop speaking on matters of national public interest with subjective minds and in their personal interest. For if they continue they might not like the questions we will ask about why are they not happy with the SABC COO. We are for transformation, we for better management and we will reject anyone who seeks to stand in the way of progress.

Issued by
Mlondi Mkhize
National Spokesperson
African National Congress Youth League