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ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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Statement by the ANCYL in response to Reverend Frank Chikane

7 October 2015

As we approach the National General Council, the African National Congress Youth League is encouraged by the participation of young lions in debates taking place in various structures of the ANC and in society. South Africa is what it is today because of the sacrifices of thousands of young people who took to task the reactionary apartheid regime for they understood the challenges of their society.

The NGC is critical because it presents an opportunity to review the implementation of the 2012 Mangaung Conference resolutions, to assess what works and what doesn`t work and what we need to do further to build our organization and the country, to accelerate change, grow the economy, eradicate poverty and fight crime.

While we welcome robust debates that are taking place within the structures of the ANC, we are however disappointed by the populist posturing by Cde. Reverend Frank Chikane. As a former ANC NEC member, Rev Chikane knows that the tendency of leaking the discussion document to the media is unwise and reckless. It undermines the ANC and its loyal membership that is working hard to ensure that our movements grows from strength to strength.

The ANC is one of the largest organizations in world and with over 1.2 million members it is natural that there will be many different views on any matter. Such differences are harnessed for the common good of our organization. For Reverend Frank Chikane to seek to present himself through the media as a troubleshooter capable of taking the organization to greater heights is disingenuous, self-serving and opportunistic. Such action must be rejected and should not be assimilated by any member of the ANC.

It is an act of ill-discipline to use public platforms to advance one`s views within the organization especially when there is a plethora of internal avenues where these could be processed. As the ANCYL we will not keep quite when there are tendencies that seek to create disunity within the ANC ahead of the NGC.

We also want to take this opportunity and acknowledge our national teams that are currently involved in international competitions. The youth of this country is inspired by the Buccaneers victory over the Egyptian outfit Al Ahly. The strength and stamina displayed by the players throughout the game resulted in what will go down in history as one of the greatest achievements by a South African soccer team.

Our teams have not only made South Africans "happy people" but the players have made this country to be respected by the international sporting family. The resilience of the Springboks in the world Rugby Cup proves that we are a nation capable of winning despite the odds. Today they made us proud for their sterling performance. The Proteas are also hoisting our national flag high on the firmament. Importantly, the euphoria that has gripped the nation following our amazing sporting prowess and exploits is clear evidence that sport is the most powerful tool of ensuring social cohesion.

The ANCYL wishes to express appreciation to the people of Egypt for their hospitality. Critically, we wish for peace and stability to return to Egypt and for the people of that country, especially young people, to participate freely in the long-awaited parliamentary elections scheduled to take place this month and in November. We say this for we know from the Southern experiences.

Issued by ANCYL National Spokesperson

Mlondi Mkhize