Hlomelang: Official Online Publication of the ANCYL
ANCYL Constitution: as amended and adopted by the 25th National Congress September 2015
Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANCYL Guideline`s for Congresses


  1. A Branch is a basic unit of the organization and every member should belong to a branch.
  2. Article G, 1. Membership of the ANCYL shall be open to all South African youth between the ages of fourteen (14) and thirty-five (35) who accepts its policy guidelines, aims and objectives of the ANCYL.
  3. Article G, 2. “The applications for membership shall be received and considered by the ANCYL Brach Executive Committee, where such exist, or by the Regional Executive Committee if no Branch Executive Committee exists. The Branch Executive Committee and Regional Executive Committee have the power to accept or reject an application. In the event of a rejection the applicant must be informed in writing and shall be made aware of his/her right to appeal to the Provincial Executive Committee within twenty one (21) working days. The appeal should be in writing. The provincial Executive Committee must finalize the appeal within sixty 60 working days.” PEC will be expected to process the appeal in 15 working days.
  4. In line with the above constitutional provision and REC or RTT should establish a branch task team (BTT), which should facilitate recruitment in wards where a branch does not exist. The BTT will also play a role of the BEC in terms of the acceptance of membership.
  5. Upon receipt of the membership form by the BEC, a BEC member or branch secretary receiving the form will cut off the joining receipt both the member and the BEC member/secretary will sign and a copy will be given to a member.
  6. Stamps will not be allowed.
  7. Membership of the branch will be kept by the BEC and copies be given to members and submitted to the REC for preparation of branch congress and audit.

A branch of the ANCYL

  1. A Branch of the ANCYL will be constituted by more than 100 members, who have paid their annual subscription.
  2. In a case of special branch, the BEC or BTT will write to the REC/PEC which should submit the application to the SGO for a special branch status. The application will be subjected to investigation by NEC deployees and NWC will either grant or not grant a special status. The NWC in considering a special branch will amongst other issues based on the investigation consider a branch which is vast and not easy to mobilise or a completely new branch where an ANC, ANCYL, ANCWL branch never existed before.
  3. A branch must keep data and copies of their membership forms.

Branch Congress (AGM)

  1. Branch Congress commonly referred to Annual General Meeting will convene once a year and it will be composed of the BEC or BTT and the more than 100 members.
  2. Branch Secretary or coordinator will inform the REC through its deployees or the regional secretary of the date of the branch congress.
  3. The BEC or BTT should inform all members of the date, venue and time of the branch congress four days before the branch congress.
  4. The branch congress should be attended by not less than 50% plus 1 of the branch membership.
  5. The branch congress will be facilitated by an REC member, who will bring the records of the branch as submitted by the BEC.
  6. The branch congress will elect the branch leadership subject to the provisions of the ANCYL constitution.
  7. Records of the branch congress will be with the REC and the BEC should be given copies of such.

Branch General meeting for regional and Provincial Congressess

  1. Only branches in good standing may hold BGM’s presided over by the REC and PEC members.
  2. Branch secretary should inform the REC through its REC deployees or Regional Secretary of the BGM date at least four days before the BGM.
  3. The REC or PEC members Presiding over the BGM’s must have branch congress package that contains the following: Membership Data , attendance register, delegates form .
  4. A BGM will elect 2 delegates for the regional or provincial congress, and an extra one delegate for additional 200 members.
  5. The nomination of delegates shall be considerate on the 50/50 principle of gender representation.

Audit Process

  1. All structure must prepare for the national audit.
  2. The REC through the Regional Secretary will write to the Provincial Secretary copying the SGO request an audit for the regional congress.
  3. The following records will be requested for audit, total membership forms of the branch, branch congress (AGM) and BGM attendance register, BEC election’s report, delegates election form all signed by the chairperson and secretary of the branch with the REC or PEC deployee having signed too.
  4. The auditing of the branch AGM’s /BGM’s shall be conducted only by the National Audit Team (NAT) in Lithuli House at the request of the REC through the Provincial Secretary.
  5. The outcomes of the audit will be communicated to the Provincial Secretary, who should communicate to all structure. After the release of the audit fourteen days will be given for the branches to appeal the audit outcomes.
  6. The appeals shall be forwarded in writing to the Secretary General Office within that fourteen days query period. The National Working Committee with NEC deployed to the province will attend to all the queries raised within the fourteen days.

Regional and Provincial Congresses

  1. The Region and the Province must have established a maximum of 70% branches of Demarcated Municipality Wards in the Region and Province, audited and confirmed by the SGO, in order to qualify for a Regional or Provincial Congress.
  2. Regional and Provincial congresses will be constituted by audited branches of the ANCYL in the Region or Province and in keeping with the constitution Branch delegates shall constitute at least ninety percent (90%) of all voting delegates to Congress.
  3. The go-ahead letter following the audit outcomes and the query process have to be signed off by Secretary General and shall be brought to the congress by the NEC deployees.
  4. Delegates to the Regional congress shall remain valid if they were elected in a BGM, which took place only within three months to Regional or Provincial congress.
  5. All Regions due for congresses must go by 13 April 2013, and all Provinces due for congresses must hold the congress by the 30th April 2013