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Mpumalanga Progressive Youth Alliance statement on the comments attributed to Provincial Secretary of the YCL in Mpumalanga on the 17th October 2010 edition of the City Press

18 October 2010

The Progressive youth Alliance has read with shock and dismay the allegations attributed to the Provincial Secretary of the YCL in Mpumalanga. We would have preferred to engage on the matter internally but the public has already been misinformed by this dishonest comrade, we therefore have an organizational duty to clarify the mist that has been broad to the public. The views of an urban legend if left unchallenged might assume the status of conventional wisdom. In keeping up with the organizational culture we confirm that we have engaged Cde Mandla through the Provincial secretary of the Youth league to inform him of our unhappiness and that we will clarify the public.

The Progressive youth Alliance composed of SASCO, COSAS and the ANCYL express its dismay at the political dishonest of the Provincial Secretary of the YCL Mandla Tibane for throwing manufactured lies to the media. The comments attributed to the Provincial Secretary of the YCL are both malicious and poisonous in the true spirit of organizational renewal and development. The YCL, COSAS, SASCO were part of the ANCYL Lekgotla that took place from Friday the 15th of October 2010, at the Nuting house at Mbombela and were even afforded an opportunity to give a message of Support by the ANCYL and they even conveyed congratulatory massage to those who were appointed. The YCL was represented by Cde Jabu Mathale(Provincial Chairperson) and Kanego Thate (Provincial Deputy Secretary)

We exposes his conduct as organizational dishonest because at no stage during this three days were the YCL was afforded a status of full participants did they raise an objection with regard to the appointment of the Mpumalanga NYDA Provincial board. We found it mischievous, counter revolutionary and myopic that the Provincial Secretary of the YCL will jump at the first available opportunity to air out what has been worrying him the whole week to the Media when the YCL participated for three days in the Lekgotla and the matter could have been sufficiently discussed and amicable resolved without splitting venom and lies to the Public.

We therefore place it on record that as the progressive Youth Alliance in Mpumalanga we welcome the appointment of the Provincial advisory board because it is sufficiently representative of all the youth formations that have applied including the YCL in Mpumalanga, which even included a representative from a disabled structure in Mpumalnga, Thami Mandlazi. In this regard we confirm Nhlakanipho Zuma was nominated by the YCL to serve in the Provincial advisory board of the NYDA and he is a Provincial Treasurer of the YCL in Mpumalanga and not even a District Secretary as mentioned in City Press.

We therefore reject the assertion that the Provincial Advisory board in Mpumalanga is composed of Malema cronies and the ANCYL alone. Like any other youth organization we have nominated Lerato Theko who was interviewed and appointed to the Advisory Board alongside members of representative of organizations. It is on the above mentioned basis that we reject and condemn the hypocrisy of the highest order that has emerged from the Provincial secretary of the YCL.

We further reaffirm our commitment to continue to build a strong Progressive Youth Alliance in Mpumalanga and South Africa as whole by exposing mischievous and rogue elements that are hell bend on destroying a strong and vibrant PYA in the Province to satisfy their unlimited appetite for power.

We will further continue to give our support to the NYDA in its task to deal with youth development in the Province. We therefore call upon all the youth of Mpumalanga to give this structure their undivided support for us to win the battle against high rate of youth unemployment and unsatisfactory level of exposure to entrepreneurship. They must not be defocused on this important task by this characters who masquerade as Youth leaders while they are infect conveyor belts of information on behalf of their political masters.

Our task on youth Development in Mpumalanga is huge, therefore let`s remain focus, organized and fight the real battle which is Youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. We remain steadfast in our commitment to youth development in the Province and shaken by such unfounded utterances in our quest for economic emancipation of the youth in our life time.

Issued by:
The Progressive Youth Alliance in Mpumalanga.

For more Information contact:
Provincial Chairperson of the Youth League Kgotso Motloung 082 715 5928
PEC member of SASCO Timothy Mashele at 072 733 5995
Provincial Chairperson of COSAS, Tefo Radebe 079 994 2011